Good News! Will the government increase LPG subsidy? This big update came out

Budget 2023: There have been persistent doubts about whether the PM Ujjwala scheme will be extended or not, but it is being told that the Rs 200 per LPG cylinder subsidy under the scheme for 12 cylinders per year may be extended for another year. This will be done to achieve 100% LPG coverage.

This has been done to reach 100 per cent LPG coverage. That is, at present, in many states, the connection does not reach every household. In May 2021, the Center approved a subsidy of Rs 200 for 12 cylinders per year to 90 million Ujjwala Yojana beneficiaries for the financial year 2023.

Government is expanding the scheme for these people

Besides this, the Center is reportedly going to expand the scheme that provides free LPG cylinders worth Rs 1,600, free first refill and free gas stove to women in low-income families.

As this year will witness the last budget of the Modi government, Ujjwala beneficiaries are worried whether the scheme will be renewed for the financial year 2024.

Another reason for the Center to expand the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is to improve the reach in Northeast India. Meghalaya has the lowest LPG coverage in India at 54.9 per cent, followed by Tripura, Jharkhand and Gujarat.

Before the 2024 elections, the Modi government is expected to make changes in favor of LPG subsidy so that the beneficiaries can expect the scheme to continue.

The decision comes at a time when inflation is at its peak and general elections in 2024 are fast approaching. LPG, petrol and diesel have long been hotly debated election topics.

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