Farmer’s daughter became sub inspector, wearing uniform went to the farm to meet her, see video

Viral Video: It is the dream of every parent that his child should be successful in life. He should work in a higher position. One such video is becoming quite viral on social media these days. In this video, the farmer’s daughter, who has become a sub-inspector in Delhi Police, has reached the field to meet her father.

Seeing the daughter in uniform, the father said this big thing

It is seen in the video that the girl’s father is working in the field. Seeing their daughter in uniform, both her parents become very happy. Both bless him. At one place in the video, the father says – You people also take the daughter out of the house and make her like her. He tells his daughter that seeing her in uniform made his chest swell with pride.

Lady Inspector’s Name Monica Poonia

The parents are seen very happy in the video. Actually, the name of this Lady Inspector is Monika Poonia. He has shared videos wearing Delhi Police uniform in his YouTube channel and other social media accounts. She is seen alone and with her parents in different videos.

She gives tips for competitive exams on her YouTube channel.

He has a large number of followers. According to Monica’s Instagram bio, she has passed more than 20 government exams. On her YouTube channel, she keeps sharing information and tips related to competitive exams. He has more than 60 thousand subscribers.

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