Farah Khan: Once upon a time there were only 30 rupees in the pocket to bury the father, then this is how the journey to the best director was decided – Farah Khan Birthday Know About Her Struggle Riches To Rags Story And Unknown Facts

Childhood spent in extreme poverty… Started career as a background dancer… Flop films and then more than one superhit film. Yes, here we are talking about Bollywood’s famous choreographer Farah Khan. Farah Khan is celebrating her 58th birthday today. Whatever stage Farah is at today, it is because of her hard work. Farah Khan is also a source of inspiration for millions of people who come to Mumbai with the dream of becoming something or the other. So let us tell you today the story of Farah’s journey which started from the ground and reached the heights of the sky.

Farah Khan told during an interview that his family was not poor from the beginning. Initially she belonged to a very rich family. Till the age of five, his childhood passed very beautifully. His father was very rich, stars used to come to his house, parties used to happen, but one day suddenly everything changed. Farah Khan’s father used to be a director, producer and actor of B-grade films.

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Farah had told that after this he put all his money in the project in an attempt to make A-grade films and the films were badly beaten at the box office. After which his family became poor overnight. After this Farah and her family had to struggle for about 15 years. At that time his mother’s jewellery, gramophone everything was sold. The house was also left with only 500 square feet, because the house was in the name of Farah’s mother, so the father could not sell it.

The situation was such that when Farah’s father died, he used to have only 30 rupees in his pocket. Farah had said during the interview that today when someone tells me that I am from a privileged background, it hurts a lot. Please tell that when Farah Khan was just 20 years old, she had seen the film Arjun. Since then Farah had dreamed of becoming a director. But she was able to make her first film at the age of 39. Today Farah Khan is making all the celebs dance on her fingers.

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