Do not do these 5 mistakes, otherwise the phone will be damaged before time!

Mobile Phone Tips and Tricks: Nowadays, almost everyone uses smartphones. Through this, most of the works can be done easily. Not only for talking, the phone can be used in many other ways as well. From saving important documents to using social media platforms, the phone has become very important.

With the increase in the use of the phone, many types of problems also start in it. However, some of our mistakes also happen due to which the phone starts to deteriorate before time. Today we are going to tell you about some such mistakes (Smartphone Mistake in Hindi) which should not be done while using the smartphone. Let us tell you about those 5 mistakes that can quickly spoil the phone (Mobile Phone Tips and Tricks).

Do not do these 5 mistakes even by mistake

  1. What do you do if you need to clean your phone? If you use anything to clean the phone, do not do so. Use the right tools to clean the phone. This will save the phone from getting damaged.
  2. Smartphone should have as many apps as you use. Don’t download too many apps. This has a very bad effect on the battery of your phone and due to this the phone starts heating up, which can also be feared to explode.
  3. Do not use water based cleaner to clean the phone. Cleaning the phone through this can damage the internal parts.
  4. The phone has multiple ports which should be used with great care. If any kind of dirt accumulates in your phone, do not clean it yourself. Get it cleaned by a phone cleaner professional only.
  5. Do not use the smartphone continuously. This has a bad effect on the mother board of the phone. It is better to use the phone intermittently. Make sure to turn off its screen in between. This does not affect the mother board of the phone badly and its essential parts cannot be damaged.

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