Dear Ishq 4th April 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Dear Ishq 4th April 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Dear Ishq 4th April 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

The episode begins with the workers joyfully dance in the party. Asmita sees the workers running towards Abhimanyu to take pictures. Asmita looks for Rizwan and puzzles over regardless of whether Rizwan will show up. Rizwan is en route to the party. Abhimanyu takes a gander at Asmita while he takes pictures with his fans. Maya shows up there and takes Abhimanyu from that point.

Abhimanyu expresses gratitude toward her for saving him. Maya says his thanks not required after all he had gone through such a great amount in their past party. Abhimanyu says that he don’t think what occurred in the past party will happen now in light of the fact that Asmita surrendered her work. Likewise after all that happened he marked an agreement with them then asks Maya what she feels that Asmita will do anything unbelievable? Maya gets anxious however guarantees him nothing happen that will disturb him.

Peter shows up there with few financial backers and acquaints them with Abhimanyu. Asmita looks apprehensive and stresses reviewing what will occur after Rizwan shows up. Her mom calls her and asks her is all is well in the party as she appeared to be stressed when she went out before. Asmita guarantees her all is well and trust’s it will continue as before.

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Dear Ishq 4th April 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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