Dandruff and Hair Loss Tips: This is a panacea to prevent dandruff and hair fall in winter, adopt it today

Dandruff and Hair Loss Tips: It is often seen that as soon as the cold weather comes, hair fall and dandruff problems become very common and people adopt different types of remedies, but this problem does not leave behind. The problem of dandruff in the cold keeps troubling people and most of the people do not even know the reason for it, due to which they use many chemical-rich products and this problem increases further.

In fact, due to the cold in the winter season, people are lazy to wash their hair and this problem increases due to dirt and infection. In such a situation, it becomes very important that you know the ways to avoid this problem and you can get beautiful, thick, black and long hair, so let us tell you the ways to avoid this problem today.

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Why dandruff and hair fall increase in winter

1. Aggravation of scalp infection

Scalp infection increases in the winter season, because it is caused by dandruff again and again. In this situation, the problem of dandruff bothers you continuously and this problem increases even more with the use of hot water, so to avoid this problem, the use of hot water should be avoided. Along with this, hair should be shampooed every three days and hair oil should be applied at least twice a week. Apart from this, to get rid of this problem, use lemon and curd as well, this will also increase the shine and strength of your hair.

2. Washing hair with too hot water

It is often seen that people like to wash their hair with hot water in winter and this is the biggest reason for dandruff. When you wash your hair with very hot water due to hot water or cold, then your scalp becomes dry and in such a situation itching and many other problems start troubling again and again. Dandruff is one of those problems which bothers people with dry scalp a lot.

3. Dirt is also the main reason

If dandruff bothers in cold, then it is due to dirt, because people do not wash their hair due to cold and dirt starts accumulating on the scalp and it turns into dandruff and bothers intermittently.

4. Keep moisture in your hair

In cold weather, moisture remains in the hair and it becomes a major reason for dandruff. Due to the moisture in the hair, the roots of the hair start to weaken and you get hairfall problem and if you wear a cap in wet hair in cold, then the circulation of air gets spoiled and the problem of dandruff starts to bother you. is |

Home remedies to prevent dandruff and hair fall

1. Apply lemon and honey

If you are also troubled by hair fall and dandruff, then to deal with it, you should mix honey in lemon juice and apply it to your hair, it will benefit you and it will remove dandruff. Along with this, your hair will also shine and it will also strengthen your hair. Also, applying honey will remove dryness and strengthen the hair.

2. Coconut oil and camphor

To make hair beautiful, thick and to prevent hairfall, you should mix camphor in coconut oil and apply it. This mixture should not be applied for more than an hour.

3. Fenugreek is also beneficial

Fenugreek is very beneficial in cold and it gives relief from many health related problems. Fenugreek is very effective in treating fungal infections and conditioning the hair naturally. Also, it eliminates dandruff with antifungal and antibacterial properties, the vitamins present in it prevent dryness and hair loss.

4. Dried orange peel and lemon juice help

If you also want to get rid of hair fall and dandruff, then dried orange peel and lemon juice is a panacea. To use it, you have to make a powder of dry orange peel and then prepare a paste by mixing about five to seven teaspoons of lemon juice in it, after preparing this, apply this paste well in the roots of your hair.

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