Court sent Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Durrani to judicial custody

Rakhi Sawant: Adil Durrani, husband of actress Rakhi Sawant, has been sent to judicial custody by the court on Wednesday. The police had arrested Adil Durrani and produced him in the court. Actually, Rakhi Sawant has accused Adil Durrani of misusing her money. The actress has also accused Adil of assaulting her. Hearing, where the judge has sent him to judicial custody.

Rakhi Sawant accused of assault

The actress claims that Aadil came to the house and assaulted her. After this, he gave a written complaint to the police about this. After the complaint, the police arrested Adil. At the same time, in a statement given to the media, Rakhi Sawant said, ‘One morning he came to beat me at home. I immediately called the police.

living with another girlfriend

Rakhi alleges that Adil is threatening me after coming home. He has come home and hit me. I am scared He said that I have defamed him. Rakhi Sawant said that Adil has now separated from her and is now living with his other girlfriend.

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