Consume these 2 things together, fat will start melting

WEIGHT LOSS TIPS: Losing weight is no less than a challenge. It becomes more difficult when you do not know how to lose weight. People tell to consume different things for weight loss, but do you know that there are 2 things available in your kitchen for weight loss, by consuming which you can get relief from obesity.

How jaggery and dry ginger reduce weight

We are talking about dry ginger and jaggery. Both of these can reduce weight. Actually, the amount of fiber is found in jaggery and dry ginger water. Fiber makes the stomach feel full for a long time, which helps in controlling hunger. Talking about the nutrients of jaggery and dry ginger water, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A are found in it. All these are considered helpful in weight loss.

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helps reduce belly fat

Jaggery and dry ginger are beneficial in weight loss. Fiber is found in abundance in both of these, which helps in weight loss. Consuming these boosts the metabolism of the body, which also helps in reducing body fat. This thing has also come to the fore in many researches.

How to make jaggery-sonth water for weight loss

  • First of all take a glass of water.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon dry ginger powder to the water.
  • You keep it for the whole night.
  • Sieve dry ginger powder in the morning.
  • Then add a little jaggery powder to it.
  • After this, you can drink it after humming it.

Keep these things in mind while drinking jaggery-sonth water

  1. For weight loss, you should drink jaggery-sonth water on an empty stomach.
  2. The effect of jaggery and dry ginger is very hot, so consume them in limit only.
  3. Pregnant and lactating women should take it only on the advice of experts.

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