China Vs Taiwan: Taiwan did not bow down to China’s threat, made such an announcement that the dragon was surprised – China Taiwan War: Taiwan To Allow Women Into Reserve Force Amid Growing Threat From China

220 women soldiers will be enrolled in the training program

220 women soldiers will be enrolled in the training program
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Taiwan has taken a big decision amid China’s threat. Actually, Taiwan has surprised the dragon for the first time by allowing women to go to the reserve force. The latest decision by Taiwan’s regime is being seen as an attempt to deal with the growing threat of military action from China. At least 220 discharged women soldiers will be enrolled in the training program to begin in the second quarter of this year. Taiwan’s defense ministry previously said it only trains men because it doesn’t have enough capacity to accommodate both genders, reports CNN.

Explain that after the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, relations between China and Taiwan worsened. The visit was made despite warnings from Chinese President Xi Jinping who said that US President Joe Biden should not play with fire.

Taiwan will also increase the compulsory military service of men

In December, Taiwan announced that it would increase the period of compulsory military service for all eligible males from four months to one year starting in 2024. The ministry had also said that the decision would apply to males born after 2005. According to the CIA World Factbook, Taiwan has a military force of approximately 170,000 personnel, composed mostly of volunteers.

Taiwan’s women’s army serves in non-combat roles

The CIA factbook says that by 2021, women will make up 15% of Taiwan’s military, but serve mostly in non-combat roles.

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