Charu Asopa: Will Charu Asopa and Rajiv come together again for daughter Gianna? Actress said- Rajeev Ke… – Tv Actress Charu Asopa Said That She Want A Cordial Relationship With Rajeev Sen For Her Daughter Ziana Sen

TV’s famous couple Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have parted ways. After three years of marriage, the couple called off their marriage and started living separately. Her daughter Gianna Sen is staying with her mother Charu Asopa and from time to time the actress takes her daughter to meet her father Rajeev. Recently, Charu along with her daughter Gianna has shifted to a new apartment in Mumbai.

Actually, Charu Asopa keeps sharing her latest vlogs on her YouTube channel. Recently, during an interaction with the fans, Charu told that she will start a new chapter of her life with Rajeev for her daughter Gianna, so that her daughter will not be affected by her parents’ relationship. Charu said, ‘I want that when Gianna grows up, she should not feel like she was living in a suffocating place because her parents didn’t have a good relationship. I don’t want to make things difficult for her. Sometimes some things become difficult for me too, but I can do so much for my daughter.

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Charu further said, ‘When I separated from Rajeev, the first thing that came to my mind was how to manage the expenses, but then I thought of my daughter and seeing her gave me courage. Even after shifting to the new house, things were not easy as I had a lot of household expenses and to manage it, I had to first find a job, otherwise I would not be able to run the house. That’s why I have joined a TV show.

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Let us tell you that recently, Rajeev had shared a lot of photos of his close friend’s wedding on Instagram, seeing their family bonding, the fans hoped that Rajeev and Charu would come together. Fans are appealing to Rajeev Sen to come with his family. Now let’s see whether Charu increases her closeness with Rajeev for the sake of her daughter or not.

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