Bring home this one thing today, your income will double immediately

Vastu Tips: It is said that there is no shortcut to earn money. But if some things of astrology are to be believed then this can be done easily. For this you do not need to do much, only some things have to be kept properly.

Actually in Vastu everything in the universe is considered alive and energetic. Not only this, the energy contained in each object is related to different powers of the universe. If the right balance between the energy present in the objects and the cosmic energy is maintained, then you can easily get whatever you want. For this Many ways in the system have been told. Know about some such Vastu tips

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Luck will shine with these measures of Vastu (Vastu Tips for Career Growth)

beautiful flower plants

It may sound a bit strange but it is true. Having beautiful flowering plants in the house brings positivity. This also brings out the negative energy of the house. Especially if plants with beautiful seductive fragrance should be planted near the main gate and window of the house. For example, planting rose, marigold, mogra, jasmine or champa plants is considered auspicious in Vastu. The mind becomes happy on seeing these flowers and the person’s luck also starts moving forward.

Planted basil and banana plants at home

Indian tradition and According to Vastu Tips Tulsi and banana plants are considered very auspicious in the house. Lord Vishnu is considered to reside in Banana and Mother Lakshmi resides in Tulsi. Both the plants should be planted together and taken care of properly. Due to this, both Vishnu ji and Lakshmi ji bless the person and his family and his fortune shines.

Keep crystal ball in the center of the house

Crystal ball is considered to attract energy in Vastu. For good luck, bring a good quality crystal ball and place it in the middle of the house or hang it in such a place where it gets natural light and air. By doing this, it destroys the entire negative energy of the surrounding environment. This creates a good and positive atmosphere in the house which motivates the person to do something good.

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Keep an earthen pot for water on the roof of the house

The north-east corner (north-east direction) of the house is considered to be the place of Lord Shiva. In Vastu this place is said to be very auspicious for keeping water. People desiring money should keep an earthen vessel filled with water in the north-east corner of the roof of their house. The size of this vessel should be such that birds can drink water from it. Whatever day you do this remedy, your luck will shine and money will start coming into the house.

Disclaimer: The information given here is based on astrology and is being given for information only. News24 does not confirm this. Before taking any remedy, be sure to consult the expert of the concerned subject.

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