Blue lobster caught here, you get a chance to catch it only once in 20 lakhs, experts are surprised to see it!

Blue lobster caught here, you get a chance to catch it only once in 20 lakhs, experts are surprised to see it!

Ultra rare blue lobster found: Lobster, considered very rare, has been seen for the first time in Britain. It is said that the chances of finding a blue lobster are one in twenty million. It was caught by a local fisherman in Plymouth Sound in Devon. The fisherman who caught it gave it to an organization called ‘The Ships Project’. After this the people of this organization released the blue lobster back into the sea.

According to the DailyMail report, Mallory Haas, a member of ‘The Ships Project’, said that she was ‘shocked’ to see the creature, which she had never seen before. American-born Mallory said, ‘I have never seen so many blue lobsters underwater. After being fortunate enough to catch a lobster, it was released back into the sea.

Blue lobster released back into water

Mallory Haas said, ‘The fisherman who gave it to us said he had decided to release it because it is rare, and wanted us to release it back into the water. That lobster was very cute. Lobsters are believed to be around 50 years old and scientists are puzzled as to why exactly they are blue. Most lobsters are dark red orange in color. Experts were surprised to find this blue lobster.

Why are they blue in color?

Mallory said, ‘I’m not sure what causes the blue color, but I think it could potentially be caused by environmental factors. The blue color comes from the B protein, which can be released in the lobster’s body due to a genetic defect, which may be caused by environmental factors, so it is more likely that if it has babies they will be blue, but can That they may not be blue.

He further said, ‘We have seen a lot of lobsters this year, they all like to hide in the cracks and holes in the seabed in the Sound.’ Researchers at the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute dispute the rarity of the blue lobster, but they say that finding a yellow lobster is even rarer, about one in 30 million, while albino lobsters are ultra-rare, about one in one hundred. At odds of one in a million.

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