Bigg Boss 16 2nd January 2023 Written Update Today Ekta kapore com on bigg boss house

Bigg Boss 16 2nd January 2023 Written Update Today Ekta kapore come on Bigg Boss House

End of the week ka vaar Ekta kapore come on Bigg Boss house for her next love sex or dhoka 2 actress select.

Salman invites everybody. He says this is ttf week. Not Tuesday or Thursday like Sumbul said. He snickers. He says it’s the pass to the finale, in Nimrit’s grasp is the chief, amazing, he snickers. He says I didn’t come yesterday in light of the fact that Shalin was engaging you. We needed to realize who is the individual who sets stories in the house about others. How about we see. Archana says tina does that. She began the idea of Soundarya’s phony love. Tina says I never said counterfeit love, that’s what bigg Supervisor examined. Archana says you and Nimrit said it. Nimrit says it was my viewpoint. Shalin says for me it’s Tina. She made stories about Sumbul, Soundarya, and Stan. She spreads unjustifiable bits of hearsay. She thinks everybody has an affection point or some thought process. Tina says no doubt certain.

He is a lord. Priyanka expresses as per me it’s Shalin. His words are exceptionally irregular about individuals, and that has barely any clue. He said each terrible thing regarding Soundarya. Tina expresses Shalin for me. He has enlightened me things concerning everybody Shiv is extremely astute, and Stan’s fellowship is phony. Soundarya’s personality. Shiv says it’s Shalin for me. He passed judgment on Stan from a video. He said I know something about Soundarya, I will tell her once she leaves. It’s a thing I can’t tell at this moment. It was from outside. Nimrit says everybody does that here. Priyanka has made a story about me that I’ve never played alone. Also, rehashing these things, I felt designated. Priyanka says I never at any point contemplate focusing on you. I don’t favor it, I stay away from you.

Nimrit says a similar here. Priyanka says you attempt. Nimrit says I don’t have to. I’m tell the truth. Sumbul says it’s Tina for me. She set a story of my sentiments. She began it to Shalin. She began spreading it. Tina says everybody said it, Nimrit Gautam everybody. Sumbul says you began it. Tina says even Salman sir chastened you. Shalin says she did and she even said Stan is renowned. I become companions with him. Tina says quit lying. She says he is a liar. I didn’t actually know Stan. He is such a liar. Tina says such a liar. Sumbul says I’m not supporting what Shalin said. He was additionally off-base. Stan says Shalin dos that. He talked about my video or some gossip from outside. Tina says he investigated you himself. Soundarya says it’s Tina for me. She said a great deal of terrible things about Archana, she said I ought to never trust Priyanka. Second is Shalin, he expressed a great deal of things about my personality. He has apologized for itself and I genuinely want to believe that he doesn’t mean it now. We didn’t have the foggiest idea about one another. It sets an extremely bad picture of a young lady. You can never fix your words. Shalin says I’m grieved about it.

Bigg Boss 16 2nd January 2023 Written Update Today Ekta kapore come on Bigg Boss House

Shalin tells Stan, Tina let me know Soundarya is after you as a result of your fan following. Tina says he’s such a liar. She was making stories. Priyanka says don’t stress over it. Tina asks Stan. Stan says he was saying Tina requested that Soundarya be companions with him. Stan chuckles. Tina says such a liar. He saw your recordings. Stan says I have no faith in him. Stan tells Soundarya we should not recurrent it. You reestablish it. Soundarya figures I can discuss myself. You shouldn’t. Nimrit says Shalin and Tina are like one another. They have consistently spoken about everybody. They merit one another. Shalin tells Shiv Tina has deceived me. How would we as a whole neglect? Shiv says you weren’t a youngster. Shalin says how would we neglect? She acts pleasant to you abruptly. She is going about your responsibilities. Truly? Mightn’t you at any point all see her world? Shiv says I get it. You’re areas of strength for a, you have spoken about my back as well. Quit lying. Shalin says you can trust her. Shiv says I don’t confide in both of you.

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