Bigg Boss 16 21st January 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 21st January 2023 Written Update

The present episode began with Salman Khan’s hello. He examine about pass to finale week. Salman giggles on Sumbul’s clarification on TTFW. He says Nimrit is up until this point chief of the house. Salman says this week bigg supervisor requested that the detainees tell which competitors have set the account for each other. He shows the performed task.

Archana takes Tina’s name and guarantee she has set the stories in the house. Tina shields herself.

Shalin takes Tina’s name. He says Tina has set story generally to him. Tina says Shalin is a kid.

Priyanka and Tina take Shalin’s name. Tina says Shalin has attempted to incite herself towards Stan and Shiv. Priyanla says Shalin talked despite Soundarya’s good faith.

Shiv says Shalin attempted to set the phony story for Soundarya. Nimrit took Priyanka name. Priyanka protect herself.

Sumbul takes Tina for setting story for her that she cared deeply about Shalin. She says she has spread in the house about it. Tina says even Salman remedied her. Sumbul guarantee it was Tina who has begun the discussion.

Shalin guarantee Tina has said that Stan is popular and they ought to become a close acquaintence with him. Tina says she didn’t know about Stan previously. Shalin guarantee he has a proof.

Stan takes Shalin’s name and says he sets an off-base story for other people.

Soundarya takes Tina and Shalin’s name.

Shalin explains to Stan that Tina has told him, he has fan following in this manner needed to get to know him.

Tina shares with Priyanka that Shalin is presently attempting to control words. She chats with Stan and says Shalin needs to bring spat between their kinship.

Stan shares with Nimrit that both Shalin and Tina are making sense of him. Nimrit says both Shalin and Tina are same with regards to bitch about others.

Shalin asks Shiv how everybody didn’t perceived Tina involved him for the game. He further case he has consistently applauds Shiv and Nimrit’s bond. Shiv tells Shalin that he has consistently flipped at whatever point he confided in him. He says he don’t confide in both Shalin and Tina.

Salman says Tina and Shalin got the most extreme vote. He says fans know it all. Salman meet detainees. He says he will need to impart a discussion to Archana as she has said ends of the week are confounding. Archana predicts she won’t get chiding. Salman requests that Stan bring a gift for Archana.

Salman give rose to Archana. He wishes Archana gets wanted MP. Salman asks Archana for what valid reason she wasn’t dynamic this week. Archana says she feared chastening hence she was quiet.

Salman says when everybody guarantee Archana isn’t a liar. He asks Nimrit for what valid reason she didn’t accepted when Archana educated her concerning the discussion with her dad. Nimrit shields. Salman tell to prisoners that Archana was correct when she said Nimrit’s dad requested that she break the mandali by cooperating with Soundarya and Nimrit. Nimrit is stunned.

Salman examine about Tina and Shalin. He guarantee the two has talked numerous things about one another and has set the story.

Salman says Tina and Shalin’s discussion was so touchy however they brought the discussion as they were left with no choice. He further asks Tina and Shalin to retalk a similar subject and make it happen and cleaned.

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