Beautiful flower of ‘Gulmohar’ in OTT’s bouquet

Gulmohar Review, (Ashwini Kumar): Gulmohar flower may look very beautiful, but it is its destiny to scatter. Gulmohar is never offered in the temple. ‘Gulmohar’, released on Disney Hotstar, is also the story of one such family, where the family is beautiful and prosperous like Gulmohar, but is moving towards disintegration.

What is Gulmohar?

Gulmohar is one of its kind film, which may not entertain you much, but you will definitely feel that there is something special in this story, Gulmohar teaches you to look at life in a different way.

Story of Gulmohar

Gulmohar Villa, built in the posh area of ​​Delhi, is now destined to be converted into a multistorey apartment. Kusum Batra has sold the Gulmohar Villa built by her husband. Arun may be restless due to this decision of his mother, but he does not avoid it.

Yes, he is worried that his son, Aditya, now wants to live separately with his wife, not with him in the new penthouse in Gurugram. Just one night before the house is to be shifted, Kusum drops another bombshell on the whole family that after Gulmohar Villa, she is going to live not with the family but in Puducherry, where she has bought a small house and she She wants the family to stay at Gulmohar Villa till Holi… and only after this festival the family part ways.

A 78 year old woman who believes that after fulfilling all her responsibilities, now she has to live for herself. A son who has crossed 50, who is also a father of two children… He wants to keep his family together, he obeys his mother and expects the same from the children… But where does this happen.

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Relationships connect, get tangled, get resolved, just like life

Meanwhile, Kusum also has a brother-in-law, who always blames his sister-in-law for the breakup of the family. He has an objection that how can mother, son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren all drink alcohol while sitting in the same party? Like the flower of Gulmohar, a story like many petals, Gulmohar film has been made, in which there is a separate story of mother-son, separate story of grandmother and granddaughter, separate story of father-son, separate story of son and daughter-in-law…more All these stories, all these relationships get connected, entangled and resolved, just like life.

Gulmohar: A Perfect OTT Family Film

Rahul Chitela, who was an assistant to director Meera Nair, co-wrote the story with Arpita Mukherjee and then directed it. Gulmohar does not promise to entertain you, but fills the heart-o-mind with a feeling where relationships and family are important, but there is also a feeling of one’s own freedom. This is a perfect OTT family film by Rahul Chitela.

Superb acting by Sharmila, Manoj

Sharmila Tagore has acted in a film even after a decade. Seeing Sharmila Tagore in the character of Kusum Batra makes you realize what a classic is. Manoj Bajpayee’s shaking hands, trembling body, becoming like Arun’s character, tells that he is not counted among the most capable actors of this era. Seeing Simran in the role of a mother in the Batra family, like seeing the light of hope amidst the dense fog….It is a wonderful work by her. Suraj Sharma has also done a great job in the character of Aditya.

Gulmohar: 4*

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