ASK GITA: Now you will get answer to every question from Bhagavad Gita, use it like this

ASK GITA: Now you will get answer to every question from Bhagavad Gita, use it like this

Ask Gita: The G20 summit has started. People from India as well as from abroad were excited about this. Now all the big leaders of the country are becoming a part of this conference. Meanwhile, pictures are also continuously appearing on social media. Many such things are being seen in this, about which hardly anyone would have thought. Actually a special chatbot has been launched. So that you can answer any question. Let us know in detail about this new AI chatbot.

What is ASK GITA?

ASK GITA is an Indian AI chatbot. It has been presented for the first time in the G20 summit. While making it, special care has been taken for peace of mind. Usually people answer a big question after getting upset. They try to explain by giving the example of Gita. Sometimes people also give wrong information. To avoid this, you can use Ask Geeta. Through this you will get information according to Gita.

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Question Geeta like this

1. Ask Geeta AI Chatbot is very easy to use. For this, first visit the official website.
2. You can also download the app for free. It is available for both Android and iOS users.
3. After this open the app. Now you will see 3 new options.
4. First of all select name, age and gender.
5. Now click on the Next button.
6. After this you will get to see a new interface. Here you can answer questions.

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Chatbot has been installed for foreign guests

Let us tell you that Ask Geeta AI chatbot has been installed for foreign guests at the G20 summit. People are using it very fast.

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