Arun Govil: People used to chant Arun’s name as ‘God’, but the actor paid a heavy price for the character – Arun Govil Birthday About Some Lesser Unknown Facts About Ramayan Ram

Arun Govil, who is also known as ‘Lord Ram’, is not dependent on any identity today. This actor, who played the role of Ram in Ramayana, which started on TV in the 80s, is known not only in the country but also abroad. Let us tell you that people have been fans of Arun Govil since the time when very few people had TV. Everyone from child to elderly has been his fan. So let’s know some things related to him on the special occasion of his birthday-

Born on January 12, 1958, Arun Govil’s film journey started with the first film. After that he also did a few more films but his character as Lord Ram earned a lot of fame in the period of 1987-88. His role was also well appreciated. Arun Govil had told during an interview that when ‘Ramayana’ started, he had no idea. Shooting used to happen in Umargaon away from Mumbai. At that time there were no mobiles etc. For some time, he had no idea that people were liking ‘Ramayana’ so much. After this, when Rajiv Gandhi, who was the PM at that time, called him to Delhi and was welcomed, he came to know how much his fan following has increased.

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Arun Govil told an anecdote of that time that when he was shooting, he used to smoke cigarettes a lot. He said, I went to a corner and put a chair behind the curtain and was smoking a cigarette quietly when some people came and started shouting loudly in South Indian language. Then I called a man associated with the shooting and said that I feel that these men are abusing me, can you tell what these people are saying. Then he says that you are right that these people are abusing you that we consider you God and you do such things’. After this Arun Govil also told that after that day he never smoked cigarette.

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Arun Govil told that during Ramayana he had received many offers to earn money. He was offered by many magazines that you stand on the cover of the magazine with a glass, of course there is water in it, but he did not do so. Considering the role of Ram as a responsibility, he discharged it. Arun Govil had told that he had become so famous by playing the role of Ram that the producers could not approach me for any other role. The producers felt that the public would not like to see me in a commercial film. Not only this, due to the character of Ram, it became difficult for him to roam freely.

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