Arun Ahuja: Father Arun refused to accept Govinda as his son as soon as he was born, the reason behind this will surprise you – Govinda Father Arun Kumar Ahuja Birthday Special Know Unknown Facts About Actors Life Family And Career

Bollywood industry has given many actors to this country, this list includes Arun Kumar Ahuja, who is also known as Govinda’s father. Govinda’s father Arun was an actor and mother singer, but shortly before the birth of Govinda, the distance between the parents increased, due to which the father understood Govinda. Today is Arun Ahuja’s birthday, so let’s know why Arun refused to adopt his own son.

Arun Kumar Ahuja was an actor, best known for Mehboob Khan’s film ‘Aurat’ and his wife Nirmala Devi was a well-known singer. A few months before the birth of Govinda, his mother had become a sadhvi. His parents used to live together, but after becoming a Sadhvi, his mother kept distance from him. Govinda’s father was displeased with this, which landed on Govinda. When Govinda was born, the father refused to adopt him. He felt that it was because of her pregnancy that his wife decided to become a sadhvi.

Let us tell you that after some time when the family explained, the father removed all the complaints. Govinda’s family previously lived in a luxurious bungalow in a Mumbai suburb, but when his father Arun lost money investing in films, they had to sell the bungalow and move to a small house in Virar. Govinda was born here.

Govinda had told in an interview, ‘When I was in the womb, my mother had become a sadhvi. She used to live with her father, but like a sadhvi. When I was born, my father refused to adopt me. He felt that because of me, his mother had become a sadhvi by separating from him. Govinda’s mother Nazim was a Muslim. After converting her religion, she changed her name to Nirmala Devi. She was also an actress.

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