Archana Puran Singh: Archana appeared in the film on Haryana’s insurance scam, the director told the whole story

Hum dono

Hum dono
– Photo: Amar Ujala, Mumbai


Archana Puran Singh, who has been making people laugh for years, has once again surprised people with her serious acting. Archana Puran Singh, who became Naseeruddin Shah’s heroine in the film ‘Jalwa’ a long time ago, has acted in a film with Kamal actor Kumud Mishra this time. This film based on true stories is based on the scam in which a scam of about two hundred crore rupees was done by showing fake deaths of the insurers.

According to information, a scam worth Rs 200 crore has come to the fore in Haryana and its neighboring states, in which fake payment of policy claims of insured persons was made. In this short film, the strings of this scam in the name of people suffering from serious diseases are also related to the accident insurance racket. Producer-director Mahesh Nair has made this film ‘Hum Botho’ on this subject.

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Nair says, ‘I have a personal reason for choosing this subject. As my parents got older, I realized that medical issues and each other’s company were the main thoughts that occupied their minds. Since most of us now live in nuclear families and are far away from our parents. The film is based on how old couples deal with loneliness and what one partner can do for the other.

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Mahesh Nair was sure of two things for his short film. The first thing is that the story should be entertaining and there should be a twist in it. Secondly, the story should be such that the actors would like it. According to Nair, ‘I chose both these issues and thus the story of ‘Hum Doon’ was born. Also I am a fan of Dev Anand’s old ‘Hum Doon’ film. That title seemed appropriate here.

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The entire story of ‘Hum Botho’ is shown from the perspective of Saroj, a 50-year-old woman. Who is a resident of Hisar, Haryana. Mahesh Nair says, ‘I wanted to tell this through someone who people know. People know Archana Puran Singh for her laughter in The Kapil Sharma Show. No one has seen his acting since a long time, so I cast him in this role against this popular image of him. She loved the role and immediately agreed to do it. The brilliant manner in which he has acted in the film, he is seen. He is a very amazing talent.

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