Anupama 21st January 2023 Written Update

Anupama 21st January 2023 Written Update

Anuj, Anupama, Dimpy, and Little Anu head for a Sankranti fair. Anupama inquires as to whether their slow down is set up at the fair. Dimpy says Samar is dealing with it well. Anuj trusts Ankush and Barkha would have went with them. Little Anu energetically says she will meet MaaYa today. Dimpay says even she is eager to figure out who MaaYa is. Anuj says he figures Shahs will likewise go to the fair as Samar is setting up a slow down there.

Anupama says she didn’t consider it and they didn’t illuminate her. Anuj requests that she unwind as any family has right to go to a fair. Anupama trusts she doesn’t go over Shahs today. Shahs prepare for the fair. Leela offers till laddu to Hasmukh. Hasmukh jokes that she will break his teeth. She gives laddus to Vanraj. Adhik and Pakhi stroll with gifts and wish cheerful makar sankranti. They feel invigorated seeing till laddu. Samar says even he wants some and requests that Leela pack some for Dimpy as she adores it. Leela says she would prefer to kick the bucket than giving desserts to Dimpy. Samar says she shouldn’t respond seeing Dimpy at the fair as he and Dimpy are setting up a slow down to advance their dance foundation.

Toshu strolls down wearing a pink coat. Leela inquires as to whether they going to play drum some place. Toshu says he is additionally going to fair. Samar says they had chosen to wear conventional clothing. Toshu proceeds with his theatrics and says he has set up a slow down at reasonable to advance his business=. Family cautions him not to make more issues for them. Toshu says he will simply advance his business and that’s it. Leela shouts that Kapadias will likewise come assuming that rich visitors are coming, she will give them a decent ear on the off chance that they incite her.

Hasmukh cautions her not to open her mouth. Leela trusts they don’t run over one another. Ankush and Barkha’s contention begins while they head towards fair. Still up in the air to carry his child to Kapadia house. Barkha figures Ankush will pick his child over her, so she wants to converse with her attorney. She calls her legal counselor and requests that how protect her and little girl’s future assuming that there is a separation circumstance and if a without both mom and dad present youngster has right on his dad’s property.

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