amazing; The administration lifted the Hanuman temple like a ‘mountain’ by writing Jai Shri Ram, know what is the matter?

UP News: A surprising news has come out from Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here, a 150-year-old Hanuman temple, which is coming in the middle of the construction of the National Highway, is being shifted. The surprising thing is that the temple is not being demolished, but is being moved with hydraulic jack machines.

moved several feet

Shahjahanpur’s Tilhar SDM Rashi Krishna said that the work of shifting the Hanuman temple is going on for three months. So far the 16 feet high Hanuman temple has been successfully pushed back. According to the information, this temple has been said to be about 150 years old. A few months ago, the National Highway 24 passing through this place is being made four-lane.

local people are protesting

According to media reports, this temple was coming in the middle of the highway. Earlier the administration was in the process of removing it completely, but the local people started protesting against it. Jai Shri Ram is also written on one of the walls of the temple. People say that their faith is associated with this famous temple. Lots of people come here. At the same time, the administration also continued the work of shifting the temple amid protests.

Raised the temple with jacks and machines

According to the information, Hinduist organizations have protested many times regarding the temple. On the other hand, it has been told by the administration that the work of shifting is being done without causing any damage to the temple. Hundreds of hydraulic jacks have been used in this work. The temple is being lifted from the jack and slowly being moved by the machines. The temple has been shifted 16 feet from its original place.

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