Agnisakshi 18th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Agnisakshi 18th February 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Agnisakshi 18th February 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

The Episode begins with Jeevika let Satvik know that on the off chance that he needs, can peruse it now itself. Aai is stressed and trusts Jeevika and Satvik will like one another. Swara says it is an amazing question and the more they talk, they will know one another. She says I realize you need to pull my ears now. Manas grins hearing them. Satvik peruses her letter and says I’m sorry this has occurred with you and inquires as to whether you told this to somebody. Jeevika keeps the letter seeing Pallavi and Jhanvi coming there.

Pallavi says my girl needed to give you tea with her hand. Jeevika attempts to take the cup. The cup slips from Pallavi’s hand and the tea was going to tumble down on jeevika’s hand, when Satvik keeps his hand on her hand and the tea falls on her. Jeevika takes towel and wipes his hand. She blows on his hand. Satvik considers Supriya and blows up. He goes out in the corridor and tells that he needs to go for dire gathering. Baba asks what was the deal? Satvik says he needs to leave and leaves. Manas goes behind him. Pradeep says he is by all accounts peculiar and tells that he is concerned for his sister. Pallavi says he is a rich man and his consistently is significant. Baba asks Jeevika not to stress and says Satvik will come. Jhanvi says it was my mix-up. Jeevika says might be he lashed out because of me. Swara asks did he read that letter.

Jeevika looks on miserable. Pallavi calls Rajnandini and tells that she has halted Satvik and Jeevika’s discussion. Rajnandini expresses gratitude toward her. Pallavi inquires as to why she needs to stop them. Rajnandini says not a huge deal and tells that they need to make plans of marriage. Pallavi remembers to find out.

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