Abhishek Malhan gave a gift to Manisha Rani, you will be shocked to hear the price

Abhishek Malhan gave a gift to Manisha Rani, you will be shocked to hear the price

Abhishek Malhan Expensive Gift For Manisha Rani: Bigg Boss OTT 2 fame Abhishek Malhan is in the news these days. After youtube, now he is all over the world. The actor got a lot of fame because of his association with two beauties in the show itself. At the same time, even after Bigg Boss is over, Abhishek’s charm continues. Sometimes Abhishek is in the news for his music videos and sometimes for his upcoming projects. At the same time, the news that has come out about him and Manisha Rani is quite surprising. The fukra man gave such a gift to Manisha as soon as she left Bigg Boss, which hardly anyone can give to his friend.

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Abhishek and Manisha are very close

Let us tell you, Abhishek Malhan and Manisha Rani became very close during Bigg Boss. Their friendship only deepened with time. Both of them were seen supporting each other in every difficult time. In such a situation, the fans liked their friendship very much. Now even after the show is over, Abhishek and Manisha are seen maintaining their friendship. Even when Fukra Insan was ill, Manisha was seen taking care of him. At the same time, now recently both of them were seen together once again.

Abhishek gave a special gift to Manisha

Now it is being said that Abhishek Malhan has given a special gift to Manisha Rani, the price of which will shock you. If media reports are to be believed, after the show ended, Abhishek Malhan and Manisha Rani met in Mumbai. To meet her best friend, Manisha had reached a hotel in Mumbai from Bihar with a bouquet and cake. After which Abhishek too was not going to stay behind and he also gave a precious gift to Manisha.

This is the cost of the gift

Actually, during Bigg Boss itself, Abhishek had promised Manisha that he would gift her Iphone 14 Pro Max. Now, keeping his promise, he has gifted Manisha iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, Manisha refused to accept such an expensive gift but after Abhishek forced her, she accepted the gift. If we talk about the price of this phone, then the price of Iphone 14 Pro Max ranges from Rs 1,27,999 to Rs 1,89,900.

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