A person sent such a CV for a job, HR was shocked after reading it, people said – give me a job brother

A person sent such a CV for a job, HR was shocked after reading it, people said – give me a job brother

Unemployment is a big problem in the world. To live life one needs money and for money one has to work. But the whole world is struggling with the shortage of this job. People are ready to do any kind of work. But they are not getting any job. There was already a shortage of jobs in the world. On top of that, Corona came and increased the job shortage even further. However, now gradually job opportunities have started increasing.

To show the extent of job shortage, a person’s job application was shared on social media. The letter this person wrote along with his CV for a job surprised everyone. You will not be able to stop laughing after reading this. Someone clicked the picture of the application and shared it on social media, from where it went viral. If you also read this application, you will not be able to live without laughing.

asked for a job like this
The viral application is for the post of Technical Manager. The person wrote in it that he knew that the manager of his company had died. In this case this post is vacant. Because of this, he is sending the application for replacement. He further wrote that whenever he asks for a job, the company says that there is no vacancy right now. But this time he has confirmed that the post of Technical Manager is vacant. To confirm this, he has also attended the funeral of his ex-manager who has gone to heaven.

people laughed
At the end of his application, the person wrote that he had attached his CV and the death certificate of the murdered manager. In such a situation, now he will definitely get a job. When people read this application they could not stop laughing. He enjoyed it very much. One person wrote that perhaps someone would need a job more than this. Many wrote to HR requesting him to give him a job. He is very desperate.

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